Songa Releases Music Video Honoring Vietnam War Veterans
‘Olive Branch’ was written by late Vietnam War vet Jim Brown

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A local folk outfit is extending an olive branch to military veterans who were never given their just due.

Dedicated to the memory of Jim “JR” Brown, Tom Shaw and all those who served in Vietnam.

John Hiatt

John Hiatt at the Pablo Center in Eau Claire, WI

“On the bus after the Eau Claire show Thursday night. A visit from my friend Mario Friedel and his wife, Sherry. Mario and I were band mates in the group, White Duck back in ‘71! Great to see you, brother. You haven’t changed a bit in 48 years!”

Sunshine in the Rain

Songwriting was a lifeline for us during the pandemic of 2020; our way of finding hope through creativity during a time of introspection. A new sound evolved, along with a message of love and care for humanity. May you find sunshine in the rain.

"Under the Venus Moon"

Under the Venus Moon
Chippewa Falls man among top candidates for Best Jazz Album Grammy nomination.

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Newly released in August of 2021 by Stellar Sound, this is a collection of Mario Friedel’s songs arranged for big band jazz by Tom Washatka, featuring the legendary Wisconsin vocalist Janet Planet and a superb collaboration of musicians.

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Meet Songa Acoustic Duo

Experience an intimate evening of original music with Songa. Singer/Songwriters Mario and Sherry Friedel will take you on a journey through Americana. Their new release, “Dreams are in the Making” is a unique vocal and instrumental blend of songs about love, life, loss, resilience and hope. These artists perform folk, country, bluegrass, blues, country rock and jazz in true original, Americana styles. As multi-instrumentalists rooted in the Nashville songwriting tradition, Songa will share their honest lyrics and pure vocal harmonies to create an event to remember.

Songa performs at fine art series events, festivals, wineries, breweries, distilleries, coffee houses and house parties.

The Fillin' Station
The Fillin' Station
Kingston Springs, TN

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